(8) Within ten (10) days after administrative review of the determination of noncompliance is completed, the parents shall furnish the superintendent of schools with written notice of the arrangements they have made to provide their children with the required instruction, except that such notice shall not be required if the parents enroll their children in a public school.

(d) Content of Individualized Home Instruction Plan (IHIP). Each child's IHIP shall contain:

(1) the child's name, age, and grade level,

(2) a list of the syllabi, curriculum materials, textbooks, or plan of instruction to be used in each of the required subjects listed in subdivision (e) of this section;

(3) the dates for submission to the school district of the parents' quarterly reports as required in subdivision (g) of this section. These reports shall be spaced in even and logical periods; and

(4) the names of the individuals providing instruction.

(e) Required courses.


(1) For purposes of this subdivision, a unit means six thousand four hundred eighty (6,480) minutes of instruction per school year.


(2) Instruction in the following subjects shall be required:

(i) For grades one through six: arithmetic, reading, spelling, writing, the English language, geography, United States history, science, health education, music, visual arts, physical education, bilingual education and/or English as a second language where the need is indicate

(ii) For grades seven and eight: English (two units); history and geography (two units); science (two units); mathematics (two units); physical education (on a regular basis); health education (on a regular basis); art (one-half unit); music (one-half unit); practical arts (on a regular basis) and library skills (on a regular basis). The units required herein are cumulative requirements for both grades seven and eight.

(iii) The following courses shall be taught at least once during the first eight grades: United States history, New York State history, and the Constitution of the United States and New York State.

(iv) For grades nine through twelve: English (four units); social studies (four units) which includes one unit of American history, one-half unit in participation in government, and one half unit economics; mathematics two units); science (two units); art and/or music (one unit); health education (one-half unit); physical education (two units); and three units of electives. The units required herein are cumulative requirements for grades nine through twelve.

(v) Education Law sections 801, 804, 806, and 808 also require the following subjects to be covered during grades kindergarten through twelve: