(a) Patriotism and citizenship;

(b) health education regarding alcohol, drug and tobacco misuse;

(c) highway safety and traffic regulation, including bicycle safety; and

(d) fire and. arson prevention and safety.

(f) Attendance requirements. Each child shall attend upon instruction as follows:

(1) the substantial equivalent of one hundred eighty (180) days of instruction shall be provided each school year.

(2) The cumulative hours of instruction for grades one through six shall be nine hundred (900) hours per year. The cumulative hours of instruction for grades seven through twelve shall be nine hundred ninety (990) hours per year.

(3) Absences shall be permitted on the same basis as provided in the policy of the school district for its own students;

(4) Records of attendance shall be maintained by the parent and shall be made available to ~ the school district upon request;

(5) Instruction provided at a site other than the primary residence of the parents shall be provided in a building which has not been determined to be in violation of the local building code.

(g) Quarterly reports. On or before the dates specified by the parent in the IHIP, a quarterly report for each child shall be furnished by the parent to the school district. The quarterly report shall contain the following:

(1) the number of hours of instruction during said quarter;

(2) a description of the material covered in each subject listed in the IHIP;

(3) either a grade for the child in each subject or a written narrative evaluating the child's progress; and

(4) a written explanation in the event that less than eighty percent of the amount of the course materials as set forth in the IHIP planned for that quarter has been covered in any subject.

(h) Annual assessment. At the time of filing the fourth quarterly report as specified in the IHIP, the parent shall also file an annual assessment in accordance with this subdivision. The annual assessment shall include the results of a commercially published norm-referenced achievement test which meets the requirements of paragraph (1) of this subdivision or an alternative form of evaluation which meets the requirements of paragraph (2) of this subdivision.

(1) Commercially published norm-referenced achievement tests.