The first thing we advise families to do, is to obtain a copy of the state regulations (see "Homeschool Regulations"). Also at this site, it is explained at what age the regulations cite you need to notify the state. You do NOT have to notify them the year your child turns 5.

The next step, is to send the "Letter of Intent" to your school district's superintendent, at the appropriate time. (See "Homeschool Regulations" for information on the "Letter of Intent").

Collect the information on various curriculums and resources available (See "Homeschool Resources"). Think about your child's interests, and pursue them! Learning takes place best when children are having fun!

Remember, you are not alone! There is a vast supply of support for you and your family! The most important thing to do in starting your journey on homeschooling, is to have made the decision that this is right for you and your child, and your going to do it.

#1 Tip from Parents...

Teach with everyday living examples.

If you enjoy that style of teaching and learning, as many of us do, the following is a useful tip we’ve received from several successful home school families.

You may include certain activities in your home, which correspond with your curriculum.

For example, many of us have taught our children fractions through the art of cooking, as well as time and timing.

If that is how you have chosen to teach fractions to your child, that time may be calculated into your educational hours. That is because, for many of those who home school, teaching is done with such activities.
This may or may not apply to you.

Good teachers use similar techniques in classroom settings as well. So can you!