Commencement of Home Instruction During the School Year

67. If a district refuses to consider a parent's request for home instruction if ft occurs during the school year?

No. The district must respond to a letter of intent and to the submission of an IHIP at any time during the school year.

68. If home instruction begins during the normal school year, which timelines apply?

The regulation specifies that parents who decide to begin home instruction or parents who move into the district after the start of the school year must file a letter of intent within 14 days of beginning home instruction within the district.

From that point on, the usual timelines apply:

69. If home instruction begins during the school year, when should parents schedule quarterly reports to the district?

The number of reports should be proportional to the period of home instruction. For example, if instruction begins at about the end the first reporting period in the public school, the parent would schedule three reports during the remainder of the year.

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