Links for Ground Hog's Day
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Sites of some Prognosticators

The Official Website of Punxsutawney Groundhog Club
Join the club; find information on the events in Punxsutaweny building up to Groundhogs Day; visit the "Teacher's Corner" for some fun activities; and more!  

For the History of Groundhog Day, visit their page at:

The Official Webstie of Punxsutawney Phil - The Original Prognasticator!
            At this site you'll find LOTS of fun stuff - including the posting of his prediction (but he'll only tell after he wakes up on February 2nd).

Winsonsin's Prognosticator Jimmy's Website
            Includse history, activities, ecards, and more. 

Sites with crafts, coloring pages, cross stitch, ecards, and other activities
(also, see Prognosticators' sites, above, for activities)

Groundhog Day Cross Stitch pattern  

A Groundhogs Day site (some links are currently not working at this site.  Try it, as they may have fixed them)

Fun Puzzles and Coloring Pages

Puzzles, Cards, Stories, and more

A Groundhog maze

More cute coloring pages 

Coloring page of a groundhog with his shades on       

Groundhog Day History from Stormfax
            Includes some fun facts about Punxsutawney Phil, and The history of his forecasts.

Groundhog Day Recipes

Groundhog Day Cupcakes!  

Fun Fact Filled Pages
These pages contain information on Facts about Groundhogs, and/or History of Groundhog

*** Learn all about Groundhogs!!! ***
            See pictures, listen to what they sound like, watch them with their cubs, and much more at:

Another Groundhog fact filled site

Fun, Funny, Comical Images to enjoy
Also visit Fun Facts links for sites with very cute images of Groundhogs

Fun Comical image

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