Sunrise - Sunset

How many more weeks of Winter will we get?

Chart the Days into Spring


(click chart to print full size image)

This is a fun activity!  It's, also, very educational!  Children will see how our daylight hours are getting longer!  This will help to chase away those winter time blues, as you chart into Spring!  Was that little Groundhog right, this year?

Helpful Tips and Ideas:

1.) Make a little booklet. Take some construction paper for the front and back covers, and decorate the front cover.  For your first page, list the predictions of Punxatawney Phil (see A.P.P.L.E.'s Groundhog Day Links for a link to his official site).  List, also, the predictions of your local prognosticators (such as Holtsville Hal, and Malvern Mel!).  Then, print out six (6) of the charts (click chart above for link to full size printable chart).  Staple, glue, or stitch together into a little booklet.  Were those little prognosticators right? 

2.) Newspapers typically list the time of Sunrise and Sunset for each day, as well as local weather conditions.  If yours doesn't, or if you don't receive the paper on a daily basis, visit daily for the Sunrise & Sunset times, as well as the high and low for the day - no peeking in advance!  That doesn't count! 


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