Portrait of a Groundhog!


This is a fun project and decorations to make!  For Groundhog's Day, cut out pictures of a groundhog.  If he sees his shadow, put up cut-outs like the one to the left.  If he doesn't, put up cut-outs like the one to the right!  Or, you can put them both up!  Below you will find an outline to print out.



Use a piece of dark brown, or black, construction Paper.  If you don't have one, paint, use crayon, or marker to color in your groundhog's portrait.


Shown here was a groundhog made with paper from a brown  paper bag, plain white paper, and a marker.  Cut out the face using a brown paper bag, or brown construction paper (don't have that?  Use paint, marker or crayons to color in the face),, then cut out the inside of the ears, eyes, nose and mouth and glue them on the face.  Use marker to draw the little lines from nose to mouth.  He even  looks a lot cuter in person, then in this scanned pic :)

Click on the outline for a full size image to print.  Don't forget to use the back button to return here!


It's fun to put this on your front window, with a big banner announcing if they'll be an EARLY SPRING -or- SIX MORE WEEKS OF WINTER!

[Note: You may see this on one of our recommended sites.  We did this before it was listed on the site :)  These are pics of some of the portraits  our son had made several years ago.] 


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