A Cute Winter Scene to color and enjoy!

This picture is divided into two images for easier printing. 

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As you color in this picture, please think of all the little furry and feather critters that go hungry during the winter months.  Fun for children to care for them.  A little shallow dish of water is nice, too.

Little fact: Bread may be a nice snack, but did you know that it's not healthy for the birds?  A little is okay as a side snack, but wild birds often die of a calcium deficiency from eating bread, and not having seeds available. 

Squirrels are very cute.  Please do feed them, too.  They won't break into your house if you feed them.  They reason they end up in people's homes is because they have no where to go when someone cuts down a tree they are housed in, or hoses them out of it.  Where are they to go?  Please, be kind, and don't flush them out of trees :(    Squirrels sunflower seeds, but some peanuts are nice to put in the mix.  If you watch them closely, you'll find them digging up little tiny holds but not necessarily planting anything in it!  They dig little decoy holes to trick other critters!  When they do plan their little peanuts, they'll pat them down every so carefully!

TV?  You won't need it if you take the time to be kind!  These little critters are so very entertaining!  You just don't tire of watching them, and they'll always give you something new to watch!  Create your own nature show in your backyard, or city roof, or sidewalk! 


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